Priority Highlights


Cancer robs lives. But there’s strength in numbers. With your help, we’re standing up to cancer in a big way.

As the largest national charitable funder of cancer research in Canada, we have more impact, on more cancers, in more communities, than any other cancer charity in the country. This year we invested $48.4 million to help Canadian researchers outsmart cancer through better prevention and treatment. Canadian Cancer Society-funded research led to the development of a “lab-on-a-chip,” which may, in the future, offer a quick and convenient measure of a woman’s breast cancer risk. The technique takes tiny samples of blood and breast tissue and analyzes them for their concentration of estrogen – an indicator of risk. Society-funded researchers discovered the genetic mutations that lead to medulloblastoma, an unforgiving brain cancer that attacks mostly children. Armed with this knowledge, scientists can move on to develop treatments targeting these mutations and the molecular reactions they set off to boost kids’ survival and reduce treatment side effects. As stem cell research leaders, scientists whom we support are getting to the root of cancer by unravelling the secrets of these master cells of the body. Their recent discoveries have identified differences between normal cells and cancer stem cells that could lead to more precise treatments targeting cancer cells, leaving healthy cells alone. That also adds up to fewer side effects and better quality of life for patients.

Thanks to you, we are fighting back against cancer in research labs across the country.
And we are winning.