Priority Highlights


We’ve got cancer on the run – and our prevention work gives cancer fewer chances to even start.

Our efforts to protect young people from smoking paid off in the fall of 2009 with a national ban against flavoured tobacco products, including little cigars. That same legislation also prohibits print advertising of tobacco products.

We are arming Canadians with important information they can use to defend themselves against cancer, through our new three-pronged cancer prevention plan. Found on our website – – it educates Canadians about living well, early detection and joining the community fight to reduce cancer risk.

The Canadian Cancer Society believes that Canadians should not be exposed to cancer-causing substances at home, at work or in their environment. Working with communities across Canada, we advocate relentlessly to ban the use of cosmetic pesticides in their green spaces. After reviewing the most current research, we’ve also strengthened the information we provide to Canadians about non-cosmetic pesticides so they can make the most informed choices possible about their health.

Our ongoing commitment to support Canadians’ right to know has made the federal government aware of the need for warning labels on products that can cause chronic health risks.

We’re doing everything we can to make sure cancer never picks on you.